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All my friends have Apple, so can use Find Friends. I don’t, so was very excited to find an app that worked with all our phones. This app is NOT user friendly at all, and it’s not accurate between platforms. Apple, please open up Find Friends to all platforms. Google, please make Trusted Contacts as easy to use as Find Friends.

Never seems to work!

My husband uses android and I use apple. The Find Friends app works so well. I can never locate my husband, it is confusing and not worth the bother. Please upgrade so if works well !

Inaccurate Location

The app shows the incorrect locations. You have to uninstall and re-install the app.

Love it... but

It’s a great app but I hate how it isn’t one big map with all locations, it splits it up for every persons location. It also only shares for 24 hours. I wish it shared indefinitely and it was one map with all locations.

This has been great so far!

I love this app thus far. I’m going to upgrading to a Samsung, my mom will still have and iPhone and even though I’m grown worries about me. So I am happy to have found this app now she can still know where I am and I am able to know where she is. Then only thing that I have seen that I don’t like is I have to start sharing my location again after 24 hours. But the good thing is the app sends you a notification that your no longer sharing your location. Then all you have to go is open the app and press the share location. Not a big deal but without that notification I wouldn’t remember!

Better than nothing

I use this app to figure out where my dh is on his commute. He is on android and I’ve got an iPhone. Divided household! The location updates are very slow. It can lag as much as 10 min. Not great but better than nothing.

Poor App needs lots lots of improvement

I was excited that there is an app that is similar to Find a Friend since my sisters don’t have iphones. The app need lots of improvements it is complicated and doesn’t work. My sisters and I couldn't locate each other and it kept saying location unavailable. Also when I would ask to view my sister location it would give me mine. I will find another app until google step up and improve the app. Can’t believe Google would create such one.

Totally Broken

Refuses to accept entry of my phone number (ironically, Google already knows it!). Location reporting usually fails. Should be pulled from the App Store until it is at least minimally functional.

can’t open then not really working

I thought finally have a trust app for my family across all phone platforms. However, after I installed it to my iPhone. The app can’t open. Update: Tried again today and it finally installed. I was supposed it worked like the iOS find my friends APP. However, after the first used, I checked the location of another phone, the APP says updated 4 hrs ago. Hello! I set these two phones always share location each other and you told me it updated 4 hours ago? There was no way to “request” current location either after you set always share location. Sooooo disappointed!

Thanks for fixing bug. App now opens without issue.

Thanks for fixing bug. App now opens without issue.

Doesn’t work on iPhone

It worked for all of 5 min. Just long enough to get it set up with contacts but after that it froze and once I closed the app it wouldn’t open back up. 2 big thumbs down!

Good concept but

Worked well in the beginning. Fine world wide range. Unfortunately in the last few weeks only crashes at startup.

Won’t open

Installed, reinstalled, rebooted, reinstalled. App won’t open. Is Google purposely making awful apps for other platforms?

Crashes on launch

Hey Google, are you doing any QA before releasing a new app?? Trusted Contacts repeatedly crashes on launch, after the initial setup. I was able to enter and verify my phone number and add one contact. That’s it. After that, it crashes on startup. Killing the app or rebooting the phone doesn’t help. Next up, removing and reinstalling the app. If this still doesn’t help, I’ll be looking for another app.

Unusable - crashes on iPhone X

Terrible!! I installed the app just now on ios11.2.1. After setup, when I open the app, it crashes after 20 seconds. Same behavior after 2 retries. Location sharing in my iOS privacy settings is always on for this app. I wanted a “Find my friends” alternative for my family members who are on Android. I thought this app would help. The google engineer’s blog post for this app says it works but I have not read any reviews that says it works. Please update requirements/how to use/how to make it work instructions in the App Store description so that people can find it informational.

Stopped working on SE ...

Tried re-install; no dice. Just freezes at splash screen then quits. Done with it. Too bad!

Won’t open on my iPhone

No matter what I do, delete app, reinstall it, reboot my phone, the app won’t open anymore. Can somebody tell me what’s going on?

Great potential, but

If the app crashes on not just my pad and phone, but friends phone as well, then there is no point in having it. Could be a solid performer with updates

Doesn’t work

Initial setup goes okay then it freezes. Subsequent app loads freeze at load screen. Tried deleting and reinstalling with no luck.

Great concept but needs fixing

The app and my iPhone X are both up to date and the app won't open. I'd love if I could actually rely on this app to be able to "Alert All Contacts" if I ever need to. As of now, I can't even rely on it to even open up. Great concept. Please fix it.

New update stopped working across platforms

The recent update seems to be extremely glitchy. My application no longer functions at all on my I phone. It’s unfortunate bc I enjoy being able to share my location with my fiancé a google pixel 2 (android) user. I hope they can fix this glitch bc it was the first application that made location viewing across platforms accessible. Very disappointed about the faulty update

Flawed Potential

This app has the potential to be useful and valuable, but its current version does not load correctly on the current version of iOS.

Keeps crashing

The app keeps crashing, making me unable to use it no matter how many times I uninstall and reinstall it.

Won’t open since last update

I like this app. But it will not open since the last update... I have rebooted, redownloaded still nothing..... Very disappointing 😒 Only 1 star for now......

App won’t even open after latest update

Another half baked Google project. The app won’t even open after the latest update.

Suddenly not working

I was living this app until the most recent update - now it won't open and I cannot view my contacts. What happened?

What a mess

Does not work, locks up and does nothing.

Doesn’t work.

It crashes and it freezes upon opening app.. I deleted it and reinstall and still don’t work.. needs to be fixed please..

Update 1/11/18

Updated 1/11/18, now doesn't work at all. Keeps self closing.


I have three people in my trusted contacts app and they are ALL showing OFFLINE! I know my son isn’t offline because I can hear him playing on his phone right now. Fix this and I’ll update my rating.

Sends alerts without telling you

I should have figured it out, but it sends an email to those you select add Trusted without telling you. I downloaded and just selected a few people to see how it worked. It sent the emails without telling me it was going to do so. Bad form. I would have selected different people had I realized that.

Would have been useful

Big problem with this app is the tremendous lag in the location it shows. Renders it pretty much useless at this point. If google can improve and make the location almost realtime, then this could be a very useful app for parents.

Me encanta (for the most part)

Great concept/use case. I agree with another reviewer that building this into an iOS Google Contacts app would have been super duper—in fact, I wish Google would build multi-purpose, Swiss army knife apps more often (e.g. Waze/Google Maps; Gmail/Inbox) [/digression]. I've encountered a few kinks in this version which I'm sure the dev team will squash. It seems to be pretty respectful of battery thus far (pings few and far in between), and yes, I'll take this over Find My Friends or any Apple app any day.

Not active in my region!

It asks lots of repeated questions and also my region is not active! Deleted immediately

Just terrible

This app is just awful. Needs lots of work. If you CAN use Find Friends, use that instead... otherwise you're stuck with this one. This app is SLOW, appears not to respond unless the other person has it open and does not react quickly to requests. So disappointing. Should have stayed on the drawing board longer.

Will not share my location

Fix your app. And give a better error message than "An unknown error occurred" when trying to share my location. Useless.

Great idea app!!

This is perfect for sharing locations with friends and family!

Looks pretty secure

Good clean and minimalistic app for either safety reasons or just social media location sharing with friends. Could see using it when meeting up with groups of people. It seems legit and informs you of what it's doing/sharing. Terrible name for the app though as it doesn't really encompass anything that it's about (safety, locator).

Thank you

Thank you for adding this feature. This was the main reason I never considered switching to Android. I have a family of 6 and keeping in touch with location is super helpful. Up until now we all have had to have Iphones in order to do this. Now everyone can have a choice.

Good for non Apple and apple couples.

Good initiative

"Google Contacts" would be a better name.

Why don't you just called this app "Google Contacts"? Why an entire new app for such basic task? Google Contacts should be the one app to connect all Google users.

Amazing app

Works very well :) and useful!

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